Tamil is a language spoken by natives of Sri Lanka, Singapore, and in India. It is also used as one of the languages in Malaysia along with Malay and Mandarin.Tamil is one of the classical languages in the world that has survived over the years of evolution of dialects. It has been found on a scripture 2,000 years ago on Samanamalai. It is said to be the “only contemporary language of India which is recognizably a classical past” and is said to be one of the greatest literatures and classical traditions in the world. There have been records of Tamil literature for over 200 years and it has been found that the earliest period of literature is the Sangam literature.Sangam literature is the oldest among other Dravidian languages. The earliest records found are on hero stones and rock edicts aroung 3rd century B.C. The inscriptions found in Sri Lanka, Egypt and Thailand were written in Brahmi. The scripts were acknowledged by UNESCO in 1997 and 2005.
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